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Esperanto is a language made up by L. L. Zamenhof (praise his name). It is made of flowers, love, and the laughter of children. Ten bazillion people speak it as their mother tongue, but much of the world is still in the dark. When the world accepts Esperanto into its heart, everyone will live in peace and harmony.

Scientists have shown that if you spend twenty minutes learning Esperanto, you will be able to speak every language ever within a year. That's how good Esperanto is. The first book on Esperanto alone, Doctor Esperanto's International Tongue, sold more copies than the Bible. People who speak Esperanto get free pornography, hookers, and crack cocaine. No one who speaks Esperanto has ever gone hungry. Science proves that Esperanto cures cancer and AIDS.

George Soros speaks Esperanto and if you speak Esperanto, you will get a billion dollars. Two gorillas and three blue whales are born every time a new person learns Esperanto. Everyone who speaks the language goes to heaven no matter what else they do in life. Learn Esperanto today! You will not regret it!