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A sockpuppet is one or more extra accounts on a wiki (or other website) where you already have an account.

People have sockpuppets for different reasons:


  • To start over, if they had trouble making friends on the first attempt.
  • To make positive criticisms that they're afraid to say under their own name / main account.
  • Bot account


  • To agree with themselves in forum arguments.
  • To get extra votes for their own articles or pictures.
  • To make extra votes against other people's articles or pictures.
  • To harass, vandalize, or otherwise be an asshat.

Why you shouldn't[change]

Checkusers exists and if someone suspects something it takes all of thirty seconds to realise your IP has two accounts. And your banned!

Satire Alert[change]

Sockpuppets aren't allowed on Uncyclopedia.co, even if you use them for good purposes. Fortunately, their culture allows you to whore articles, harass others, and otherwise be an asshat as much as you'd like—especially if you're an admin. After all, it's all just good fun.

Unless you do it to an admin, in which case you're banned.

(((( satire ends ))))


Do no harm, and no harm will come to you.